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Jimmy McGuire

McGuire’s Taxidermy

1206 Cynthia Road

Clinton, MS 39056


  We work diligently to have your trophy completed for you within a reasonable time frame.  Because we have no storage room, we ask that you pick up your trophy within one week after being notified that it is ready.

All mounts left after 30 days will be charged a storage fee of $5.00 per day.

No work will begin until a 50% deposit is secured at the time of drop off.

All mounts left after 60 days will be sold for the remaining balance.




The care "you take" with your trophy in the field

will determine the way it will look when mounted!

Small Animals: Leave whole! Do Not skin or remove internal organs. Be careful not to damage the skin or fir. Be especially careful with the heads of small animals.

Big Game Heads: Please Do Not Cut the throat! Leave more skin that you think is necessary for the type of mount desired, we will remove excess.

All Game: Wrap in plastic and freeze. If you do not have the freezer space, bring it to our shop immediately!


Please contact us at (601) 925-8775 if you would like more information on how to transport your trophies from the field.

Please note:

** We do not accept anything that is spoiled or rotten

** If you wouldn't bring it into your house, don't bring it to ours

** 50% required on all work at time of drop off

** Note:  

If you drop off an animal, fish or bird to be mounted for someone else "You" are responsible for all associated costs

** We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Cards





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